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The UK leads the world in greeting cards, both in design and per capita send – The Henries awards celebrate this pre-eminence.

Named after Sir Henry Cole (who introduced the first commercially produced Christmas card in 1843), The Henries were introduced by Progressive Greetings Worldwide magazine in 1996 as annual awards to shine the spotlight on greeting card ranges.

The Henries Awards are the ultimate accolades in greeting card publishing, and each year some 14,000 cards are entered! The Henries award categories span the whole gamut of greeting card publishing, from humour to cute, art to children’s and everything in between.

The majority of the awards categories are for card ranges that have either been launched in the preceding year or for new designs to an existing range.

The Henries awards are open to all publishers (or UK distributors), from the largest multi-national to the smallest one-man band. 

Entry is totally FREE of charge and all entries are made online.

The closing date for The Henries product categories is Tuesday 18 June.

The LYNN TAIT Award, BEST SERVICE and HONORARY ACHIEVEMENT award categories will remain open for nominations until Friday 25 July.

Building on the success  of the approach taken in the last two years, there will be a two-stage judging process for The Henries 2024. The initial judging stage will take place online.

The judging panel for The Henries 2024, will as ever, comprise top retail buyers from right across the retail spectrum including specialist multiples, design-led independents, small groups, department store selectors, supermarket buyers etc. 

As a result of the first round of online judging, a shortlist of contenders will be announced in mid-July. Following this, a live judging round of all shortlisted entries will take place, (again being judged entirely by retailers) for which publishers shortlisted will be asked to supply actual physical card samples. This will be put on display for the judges at a judging day at the end of July and their votes will decide the finalists and winners in all the product categories.

Any questions? Simply get in touch with us, we would love to chat to you about being involved.

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The Henries Product Categories are now CLOSED for entries.

The Lynn Tait Most Promising Designer or Artist Award, The Honorary Achievement Award and Best Service Awards are open for nominations until Thursday 25 July 2024. 

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The Lynn Tait Most Promising Young Designer or Artist category.

There is no online element for this award. All entries to this special award category needed to be appreciated ‘in the flesh’ and so creatives (under the age of 35) were invited to submit ‘boards’ showcasing their artistic prowess.

Each entry demonstrated the entrant’s design talents (both generally as well as on the greeting card front) as well as giving an insight into their inspirations that serve to set them apart. (More details are featured under the Categories tab).

The Best Service to the Independent Retailer Award

Nominations from independent retailers are sought for card and giftwrap publishers which have excelled in providing a great service to the independent greeting card retailer over the past year, including through the fulfilment of orders, marketing support, communication and resolution of queries. This award category is only open for independent retailers to nominate their card and wrap suppliers.

The Henries 2024 Awards ‘Big Night’

The Henries awards event is the industry’s ‘big night’. It is a fabulous opportunity for the greeting card community to get together and celebrate its creative excellence as well as its strong sense of camaraderie.

Taking place at The Royal Lancaster Hotel in London on Thursday 3 October 2024, The Henries 2024 awards will be a historic event, helped by an Ancient Rome theme!

The widespread support for The Henries 2024 from the whole industry is evidenced by the stellar line-up of sponsors, which include many leading trade suppliers, retailers, exhibition organisers.

Hooray for The Henries – awards that do the industry proud!

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